Friday, June 7, 2013

Sunglasses Hut

Honestly, this is a ridiculous craft to have to make, but if it helps with organization then I'll suck it up and deal with it.  The Sunglasses Hut is a project that I made for my HUSBAND and all of HIS pairs of sunglasses and safety goggles!  That's's not even for me!  But hey, like I said earlier, if it will keep the glasses in one location rather than being scattered all over the house sitting on various tables and stuffed in random drawers, then ok.  To be frank, I don't think this 24x36 inch frame is large enough to house them all, but that will be when I have to say, enough is enough and the ones that don't fit have to go.  Extreme Hoarding is not a show that I am interested in having filmed at my house.

To make the Hut I just added some 12x12 scrapbook paper onto the cardboard that came with the frame for some added color.  Then I cut 21/2" strips from my fabric stash, folded them in half and glued the ends to the back of the frame.  Two of the strips had designs as I was playing with some of the features of my sewing machine.  The third I just left blank, not really sure why.  I separated the cardboard from the fabric with the plexi-glass that came with the frame.  It actually worked out well because the glass helps hold the ear pieces in place so the fabric isn't being pulled down as much as I was afraid would happen.

I'm not sure where this will hang.  I might paint the frame itself so that it blends into its environment but that wasn't a necessity today.  The extra space at the bottom might be good for small baskets with suction cups or even hooks to hang ties or belts.  I'll let the hubby make that call, though!

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