Saturday, September 7, 2013

BOM 2012 - June & August

Here are the latest 4 blocks that I have learned to make through my class with Amy Gibson.  Yes, I know that I have skipped July, but hang tight, I will tackle it next.  I want to get a Dresden template to use to make those blocks a little more precise than me cutting out a bunch of cardboard templates.

The June blocks are the Modern 9-patch theme that consists of the Greek Cross Block and the Octagon Block.  Both were fairly simple and quick to make, and I figured out that chain piecing the rows is ok and maybe even speeds up the sewing process a little.

The August theme is Stars so for this month's lesson I learned to make the Ohio Star and the Double Block Star.  There were a lot of small fabric pieces for these blocks but learning how to make Flying Geese using the corner-to-corner method was pretty cool!  Ok, I'll admit, making the 1/4 square triangles for the Ohio Star was pretty cool too!  

I peeked at September's theme...curves!  Oooohhhh...lah...lah...

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