Thursday, July 11, 2013

Scott's quilt...FINISHED!

The day has finally arrived!  No, it's not Christmas, summer vacation, or my birthday.  It's the day I can finally reveal the completion of Scott's t-shirt quilt!!!

I tried my luck at free-motion quilting for the first time.  It wasn't overly difficult, but just a little tricky getting to specific points since it was so big.  The finished piece was approximately 80" x 85".  The backing was orange with a 5" horizontal stripe in the middle of the blue border fabric used on the top.  The binding was also orange and required 5-2 1/2 x WOF strips attached to the back.  To add a little more love to the quilt since this project was for my hubby, I hand-stitched the binding to the front using a blind-stitch.  That also gave me time to spend with the hubby by sewing in the living room while he watched the Reds play ball instead of being stuck in the craft room for several hours.

Even though this first major quilting project required a lot of time, I loved working on it! The brainstorming, planning, mathematical calculating, finishing, and of course spending time with my crafting buddy Smokey definitely created a positive feeling on this project and I can't wait to work on another t-shirt quilt.  Now Scott can snuggle up with his past softball and volleyball memories...and hopefully think about me as the quilt designer!

Here it is!

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